Working with charcoal is my big passion. 

I love the way I can play with it, how forgiveable and flexible it is. I love getting my fingers dirty and mostly everything around me too. 

New Phototastic Collage

Discover the beauty of Pastels

Working with pastels, I remember playing with chalk. I can be that little girl again and get my hands dirty. The texture and working method are very similar to charcoal, just more colourful. Each time, I am stunned by what can be achieved by layering and blending.


I am passionate about drawing portraits in pencil. Working layer upon layer, creating those unique works of art, transfers me to a different world. I’d be delighted to draw either your human or furry family member. Just contact me.

Namibian Woman 1

The world through my eyes

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

-Thomas Merton-

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