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About Me

Despite being creative since early childhood, Linda only started to venture into the visual arts in her thirties. Starting with acrylic painting at first and focusing mostly on female emotions and portraits, she soon discovered her love for animal drawings and paintings.   In 2016 Linda started the series “Namibia In Black And White” targeting the tourism industry in Namibia. The series portraits the Namibian wildlife in the outline of Namibia and was drawn with pencils on A3 paper.  Prints and cards are still available for purchase.  By chance, she discovered her love for charcoals. Working on commissioned pieces, she sketched the outlines with charcoal and couldn’t stop herself from finishing the artwork in charcoal on canvas. Charcoal became her main medium ever since. Today, she draws in pastels, colored pencil, graphite pencil and charcoal, but likes to try new mediums and ventures into watercolors being equally fascinated  and scared by the medium. She is also open for commissions, be it a pencil portrait, pet portrait or a specific wildlife / animal drawing you’d like to order. Kindly contact Linda to discuss the details, availability, delivery time and price.
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